Furries and furry refrences in Films and TV shows PG

spoilers Alert

They have been a lot of furry stuff in todays world and media and that is what we are talking about today. And hay we might even talk about a video game or too. So we will start with the first Cartoon that ever started it all. Steam Bout Willy.

(OK so they may have been other cartoons at would feature anthropomorphic animals in as well)


So the cartoon did really well. So this was a black and white anthropomorphic mouse. Back then though the term furry did not exist yet. Sure we had people who might have dressed up in animal costumes or made themselves one but it would probably be genrally kept a secret due to the fact that people might have found it weird.

OK so I might be reading these in random order but please stay with me!


Then in the 70’s along came our hero how most of the furries (Not most some) joined the furry community. I do not know weather fursuits existed then but I bet they was fans of cartoon animals once this came out. It even refrence a fursuit or more then likely a feathery suit.


In one scean of the movie we see him dressing up as a stork on stilts as a disguise. He wears a peak with gloves and feathers sticking out with a shirt that he probably stole from a scare crow. The idea of dressing up as something else some other creature is prolonged in the furry fandom. Why dress up as a Stork. Couldn’t robin just has dressed up as something else. Though I do not think this is intentional but it dose have a furry reference inside it.


They also have some questionable content like not too far in the movie our heros cross dressing as fortune tellers.


The thing that got a small percentage of you exited.


What else came out in the 70’s was a mature program called Friz the cat and too keep it PG I selected this image. Now Fritz is a adult cartoon at probably put fans of cartoon animals in a bad light if they saw it today. It has racism as well as some mature content in. No infect it has a lot of mature content in as it says they are not R rated for nothing.


Another show featuring anthro animals at showed up in my search when I searched 80’s furry cartoons was count duckula. A british comady that had a creepy narator and Ego that talked about chopping peoples lims off and legs off. Certainly a TV show to watch if you have a dark sence of humor “If I win you will let them go” “I will let bits of them go” LOL!!! Classic. You should be able to find this on Youtube.


Another film you might be fermiliar with that was relised in the 90’s is the Lion king. Since the furry fandom was discovered in the 80’s I can no finally say furries or furry instead of fans of cartoon animals so here we go.

I am sure that the lion king persuaded with its cute charm millions of furs well some of them at least to discover the furry fandom and this is the time when we all have internet. The cute little cubs that probably created cub art and the four legged lions that probably made it popular to have feral (furries on all four’s art) Possible.

They also have many off shoots like Lion king episodes and Tumon and Pumba episodes.

In the episode version they is a refrence to diaperfurs.


Since we are on the topic back in the 40’s Tom and Jerry released baby puss that could have well hinted at diaperfurs or babyfurs. But back then such a word did not exist so fans of cartoon animals in diapers. Man that is a mouth full.


If we fast forward to 2001 we see the baby looney tunes and yeah for children of course but one of the sceance inside the cartoon Daffy says “can you change my tires?” or something Lola replied “No!” Daffy replies “Not even my diaper?”


And fast forward to quite recently and you will get Ice Age collision course and they is a scean in that movie that I got to say probably hints or at least refrences babyfur.

But let’s get back to the post


Animaniacs was another cartoon and my personal favorite. It had anthropomorphic rats or mice. It had anthropomorphic cats at was famous and a anthropomorphic squirrels. As well as some questionable content. The kind of stuff you would see in who framed Rodger Rabbit.

The show features Wacko, Yakko and Dot and even though the kids today (mainly the other college students) do not know what I am talking about it is a gold cartoon. Not only dose it feature the 3 wanna kids but it also features Pinkie and the Brain. Elmyra and likes hugging and squeezing and calling you gouge. Just watch a few videos for yourself I am sure you can see them all on YouTube and you will see just how funny or silly it can get

You can even see different seen’s from the diffrent cartoons sometimes over lapping so if Wacko, Yakko and Dot is getting chased by a police men in one of the cartoon’s. You better believe it you might see it again!


Here is a shout out to Peter pan back in the 50’s and this is what could have started fursuits off. Since we already have something that could be refrencing fursuits I could say this is refrencing Kigurumi costumes like this


Keep in mind this was before the 80’s

This could be just some onesies or the children really wanted to be animals and Peter said “OK sure why not” and made them some or got the chefs daughter to make them, Magic? I do not know but anyway they have them and the kids could believe that they are now animals. You can get Peter pan on video or since it is old enough you might be able to watch it on the internet like the Muppet’s Christmas carrel.

Lilo and Stitch

OK so it is a Alien pertaining to be a dog as a form of disguise. Well at least is smarter then Jumba. (Man Disney sure like there names to end in ba. Simba now Jumba.)

This film unlike any other Disney film for the most part it is down to earth. Yes it is a U but it is not one of toughs Disney movies where everything can be solved with a sing song and a dance. It has a scocial worker and a reason why you never leave your kids alone in the house

In this seemly friendly film they is a bit where Stitch is fighting Gantu and having said all those horrible things and tries and squashes Stitch, Stitch grabs his fist and says this line “and so cute and fluffy” as he throws Gantu out of the space ship. This may be a furry reference to “It’s so fluffy”


You may also remember this gem. Released in 2006 Hoodwink took the approach of branching out and connecting story line approach to things.

But it is one scene in genral when they are trying to find out who the goody bandit is and red has walked off since her Grandmar simply lied to her. Grizzaly shouted at the wolf “MAYBE HE IS NOT A WOLF AT ALL” Which the wolf replied “You got me I am a poodle I just have not been to the barber shop in a while” Now the wolf could be pulling out wise cracks since that can happen in the movie or he could actually be telling the truth


Or this could be a refrence towards the furry fandom since we have a lot of creatures that look like they are something that they are not. From foxes that look like bunnies from peoples fursuits looking like something else and once he says that he dose start too look like a poodle.

So if he is a poodle dose that mean the whole wolf act like when he said to that sheep “Your looking pretty tasty” all a wolf act. Keep in mind this is the only anthropomorphic character out of the four main characters of this film. I mean they is Twitchy but he is more of a side kick. The furry fandom already existed and is on the internet so this maybe a little nod for them.

wild things

Wild thing is a Sky 1 entertainment program and the whole show just reeks of fursuits. This is a TV show where players dress up in animal costumes to compeat for a money prize. Simple right WRONG!

The people inside the suits can not see a thing which means the team member that is not in the suit has to guide them through a obstetrical course and various challenges.

This could include helping their partner that is trapped somewhere. Or solving puzzles.

The final part is where they are all with big nets and the one who has one the most points has the suit case full of money. What they have to do is find the way to where their parnter is and ring the shed while the partner gives them instructions via the camras on each wild things noise. The camrar will only stay on for a few minutes then it is lights out when this happens the other contestants cameras are switched on but theirs will only last a few minutes.

The aim of the opoinents are to put a net over the person in the suit that has all the loot! They are relaying on their partner to guide them to the person in the costume with the suitcase of money. If they capture them then they get the money simple as.

It is on sky one and was released back in 2015

Before I go on here are some other furry Films and shows that sadly did not make it


I was going to talk about Sonic the hedgehog and his strange episodes that probably built the off shoots from the furry fandom that we see today


Pocket dragons was a maybe but it did have some refrences to the furry fandom. They always seem to like cookies and that was the main theme of the show. You know who else likes cookies the furry fandom. (well not all)

and anything else that I missed


Zootopia is a film made by Walt Disney to revive those people who was fans of Robbin hood and be thankful you got this show kids because Disney was thinking about going much more darker with Zootopia so just count yourself lucky you got a sweet Innocent film and nothing dark unlike the wizard of oz 2.

And dispite me seeing some news saying that Judy Hops said that she is not a furry she is a bunny on the news I am pretty sure the creators had something in mind.

Yes it has your off shoots like Robin Hood


like that


and yeah…


Micro and Macro


Refrences to babyfur and in this case maybe diaperfurs since though out the intiere scene Finnick is sucking on a pacifier and later when Nick and Finnick finish the job nick says “Way to work that diaper!”

Cringe worthy for some furries. Delightful treat for others.

It so fluffy

is a furry reference and I am pretty sure Disney knew there secondy audience was going to be furries. This is the most funniest scene in the film.

and a dark part from the film

And a reather dark part from the film muzzling a fox cub. Aaaaaannnnnnnnddddd I think I will end it their for Zootopia.

So is they any games that feature any slimier stuff well.

Saints row 2/3/4 but I am leaving them out since they get talked about none stop about there mascot costumes or as the fans know them as “fursuits”


Bullworth Acadamy or Canis Canem edit or scholarship edition.

How ever you say it it is rockstars bully game.

One mission requairs you to get the mascot costume and until you play the other mission you will not be aloud to talk. The mascot costume also has some disadvantages like not been able to use a sling shot or those really nice guns. You know the once the spud gun and the rocket launcher.

You are aloud to dance and still cause mischive.


Crash of the titans and crash mind over mutant is a fun game where you can unlock mutant skins or costumes

This grants you the ability to easily jack the mutant that your dressed up as.


Then they is always Star fox where you play as a fox take you pick between modden once or the classic once.

And that is it and thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I know it was not too much but I did not really want it too go on for too long and I wanted to Update it as well. I wanted too mostly keep it so we was going forward in time with the furry media not back often but I have realised that I may have missed some furry content out and for that I apologise.

But still I hope you liked the post and maybe hopefully I may get some more done in the future.


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