15 Gex Deep covered Gecko

I have not made a post on my website for a while so I thought I might as well do one.

So the furry fandom is a big and diverse place and with a lot of games with anthropomophic animals to offer in video games. But when it comes furry heros like sonic and stair fox.

But they are also many scalies in our furry community as well and fetheries.

The scaily games would be games like scailer and skyrim where you are the hero.

(Well if you choose to be for Skyrim.)

Along with this boring introduction and build up they are several inappropriate games out there as well.

Some of you may not agree but when it is an anthropomorphic animal and it is an inappropriate game it has a lot more charm too it rather then it been humans all the time.


Even though it dose have characters like Itchy and scratchy where at one point you get too meet them in Grant Theft Scratchy and control a hole armey of dogs that have been painted too look all alike???

It also lets you hit other furry pedestrians if the player feels the need to do so. Nice job the Simpsons.

One of our colprets of inappropriate games has got to be the well known furry game Conkers bad fur day.


Released in 5th of March 2001 or that is what IGN are saying.

The let you play as a squirrel who’s girlfriend dose not treat him right.

But then again Conker was out drinking. Sooo…

conker was a mature rating game and in the game it had creatures, objects, people swearing at each other and at conker




I wish Conkers could apear on other platformers like the gamecube or the PlayStation 3 in all it’s cartoon Nintendo 64 glory. But unfortunately we had to wait until june 2015 for it to come out on X-box called live and reloaded


And it had a few deleted scenes re added to the game but has a few flaws for example every curse word is now censored


Just get Conker’s bad fur day for the N64 or at least play an emulator for it. What ever you do just play the *!@.>#- game!

I wish the game was released on PlayStation 3 or gamecube since it is a Nintendo thing. But sadly I do not think it is going to be the case.


So this is where this game comes into play and even though it was made years before conkers bad fur day they is still a charm to it and hay it even looks like it a N64 tittle

(Probably because it was)

And do not worry about the other games your not missing much.

SPOILER ALERT Head to B to skip spoilers



A Gex is coping of the missery of his feathers death and is binge watching TV until he gets grabbed and taken into the media dimension. There he must make his way out while making loads of one liners and defeat the boss.


Gex is back where he started and is looking a lot more older and for the pal version he sounds a lot more older too. He is at home watching TV (yet again) This time his apartment looks different. The same boss is in this one but now the government now and want gex to stop him again by sending him to the media dimension to battle the boss and pull one liners on the way and be back in time for tea.


Now on to this game and if you have seen the box art for this game you know what your getting into.

The voice actor is the person who played the cat in Red Dwarf.


Yes a furry playing a scaly

So this is the tittle screen and I happen to like what they did with it.

It kind of reminds me of the open world part of Conkers Bad Fur Day after you recovered from your hang over and it is morning.

Conkers bad furday buitiful greenery

The scene looks so kid friendly something that you might see from mario 64 or banjo kazoo. It is the sort of tittle screen that your not worried about your parents walking into. They is even little spiky things with eyes jumping up and down. OK so maybe Conkers got there idea from Gex.

The cut scene plays out of gex eating a doughnut and watching TV AGAIN! This time he has his own secret agent head quarters nice going Gex.

The pal version gex is voiced by the cat from Red Dwarf The US version has the same guy voice acting from the 2 other gex games.

A news bulletin comes on about the disappearance of a woman we never get to see in any of the Gex games called Agent extra. She manages to contact Gex from the media dimantion and explains Rex is back and is using her to get to him.

Then Gex lets out a hideous innuendo before he is prompted to do the same old thing all over again

The game is good but Gex’s one liners can get a bit annoying after a while.

The game has some hidden messages and some are in plain sight.

They are quite a chuckle. They are nothing overly exiting about them but if you take the time too look at the signs then they do have some humour to them.

They is also a moose in the cluless room at sounds like he is saying “vote UKIP”

Also note that both N64 and the ps2 are both slightly different games. Yes they are all Gex but the N64 has slightly altered platforms than the ps2 and a few stuff might be cut.

(Especially the final ending they have a different version of that all together)

Some of the one liners can be funny and it is a nice platformer mixed in with other little stuff.


Oh yeah and agent extra likes to phone in and see how you are doing along with the missions before gex says something rude and inappropriate

The themes of the different worlds are well done and sometimes it likes to though something new in the mix.

It also has a lot of questionable content.

gex micro

Gex little red riding hood.


At the end of the day it is a 11+ game with some great platforming elements and a few hidden stages and bonus where you get to play in a tank.

The games references might be out dated but it is still a good play though and is the only Gex game that is not rare (unlike the first 2)



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