12+ Be wary of Babyfur.me [Please read]


Now before you all go on a rant with me let me explain the good points. Babyfur dote me is a wonderful website (most of the time 😉 ) where babyfurs can go and feel welcome. They also have diaperfurs and kidfurs but your new to all of this an’t you.

So according to the website a Babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who enjoys role playing as a younger charecter. To add to that babyfurs can be furries who enjoy drawing their fursona as a younger charecter or even adding themselfs in stories.

Others might ask for commissions from diffrent artist to draw there fursona because not everyone is confident in drawing their fursona.


What is role play. Role play is a fake situation and is usually all text based where you and the other charecter may or may not be in. It is usually played by another person online. The situation can be appropriote or inapropriate. Though I advice anyone under the age of 18 to keep it appropriote. Sometimes when the person is discribing a place or a action

They use * at a begining of a sentence of discribing a action or a place and at the end of a sentence. * Here are two examples *It was a warm sunny day you could feel the heat of the nice warm sun as you lied on the grass drinking some nice refreshing leminage*

*Suddenly Angellothefox came along and decided to wip out a cheese cake he had in his bag. He slowly broke it with his bare hands as crumbs crumbled on the floor.* Speach is usually quotes or sometimes they are no quotes at all.


What is a furry wow you are really on the wrong site an’t you! Well a furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals. Still confuzzled? Alright they are a person who likes cartoon like animals like bugs bunny, the road runner, Robin hood from Disneys movies and they do not have to stand on two legs for example the Lion king and 101




Now I am going to stop now because we will be here all day and besides the infomation is on babyfur me and I am sure some of you are already babyfurs and diaperfurs and furries yourself.


Coming back to the website it has some wonderful art and diverse content so when you are looking at some sweet cute babyfur art they are diffrent styles some are traditional I mean drawn by pencil and crayon art and some of them are digitaly drawn. Some have uniquness been drawn in MS paint or windows paint.

Angellothefox very very upset

Diverse content made with MS paint —–^


I appologise for the other pictures since I did not draw them I do not own them so all I can do is explain them to you.

Not only do they have cute pictures of there fursona but they also have diffrent stuff. They have role playing and forums. In the forum section it is well a forum they are lots of diffrent things. A place where you can introduce yourself if you new and welcome those who are new so if you do not have anything to say go to the introduce yourself thread.

Genral discussions about the website


The site is a good place to talk to others that like babyfur stuff as well.

They is a lot to do. If you like something else as well as babyfurs/diaperfurs that dose not fit the site you can join a group. They are so many groups you can join babyfur gaming disability furs 101 furries (I still do not know what that is) you can also make your own group and have other people joining your group.

You can shear pictures of your nice artwork or shear something kiddy you might have. Like a babies toy that you bought. I apologise for going into second person.


Speaking about pictures users can create their own albums of there artwork, Any cute plushies they have and themselfs having a great day out. The best part is that the user has to sign up to babyfur me to join so it is also descreet.

(Well that is until someone comes along and posts every little thing you have been doing on sites like kiwi farm. But hopefully that should not happen to you)

another kiwi farm


The babyfur community is bigger then expected and the furry comunity should think twice before insuilting a part of their own fandom. Just because everyone is treating you like rubish outside the furry fandom dose not mean you need to shut and argu with babyfurs that are calmly sucking their pacifier!


But with all this good stuff they is a few downfalls and we are not talking about the fact that nether the chat or video shearing system works on babyfur dot me.

As you are well aware of if you have been to this site they are Adult Baby’s and Diaper Lovers and Littles.

Let me educate you for those who do not know what a Adult Baby and a Diaper Lover is. A Adult Baby is a adult who dresses as a baby and they could act like a baby and talk like a baby and do what ever baby’s do all day. It is a miss conseption that all Adult Babies has a specially decigned nursery.


A Diaper Lover is just someone who likes the idea of wearing diapers or nappies if your from the United Kingdom. This maybe just wrapping a very long towel around their legs or physically buying diapers and wearing them. It is a miss conseption that all Diaper Lovers use their diapers which some of them can’t or do not feel it is appropriate.

So some Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers are Brave enough to post themselfs wearing a diaper. Some post themselfs wearing a diaper between there legs. Others post themselfs with there face in the shot.

That been said they are also Teenage Babies in the fandom as well. As stated on babyfur me

Babyfur.me Rules of registration

“BabyFur.ME “the cub social network” is a social networking community built specifically for the babyfurs community but is open to age 14+ members of the furry fandom that identify as Adult Babies(AB) and/or Diaper Lovers(DL), collectively referredto as the ABDL community, inside and outside of the furry community. The

community is also open to furs that identify as caretakers of, or are supportive of the babyfur community. BabyFur.ME registration is limited to these groups and does not allow for access to the non-furries. User submitted content is also not accessible without a member registration.”


Which is alright. It is alright to have Teenage Babies on babyfur dot me but some of these Teenage Babies post pictures of themselfs in a diaper.


Some of these pictures are pictures of Teenagers wearing the diapers while others are them showing the diaper by them pulling it down.


And others are them where you can see their faces. I think one picture they was a person that looked teenage age without any clothes on sat down in a chair wearing a diaper.

You can sometimes see these pictures on Albums and the stream time line. Sure the furries might think it is good combining Adult Baby and Teenage Baby and Diaper Lover together just like they did with LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender. Queer) community but that should not be the case.


In my personal opinion I do not really think that Teenage Babies should be anywhere near Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Sure Teenagers can be Diaper Lovers but they should not post any pictures of themselfs in diapers otherwise the people viewing. Adult Babies are going to get into trouble.

They is nothing wrong with Teenage Babies been involved in the Adult Baby and the Diaper Lover community but please do not post pictures of yourself in a diaper until your 18 years or older otherwise people might get in trouble for the P word.

Yes they maybe nothing wrong with it because you like the diaper that they are wearing and not the wearer but that might not stop other people from taking those pictures and putting it on lol sites like kiwi farm and if that can happen think about who else can do that. It might not be wrong to view someone wearing a diaper

or even commenting saying the diapers good or maybe even telling a few jokes about it. Yeah… I do not know about that one. And although they is nothing wrong and (people might think they is something wrong) It still might not be right. It is alright for other teenagers to view those pictures but it is aquard for adults.



I will tell you a story. You see I used to comment on Teenage Babies wearing a diaper but then again I use to comment on everything. I was trying to be friendly. Then came the day when someone on a Adult Baby foum warned me about babyfur me. They said it was full of teenagers and adults commenting on teenagers in diapers.

Natually I just ignored the comment but I felt a little bit un settled and even though on one picture I knew they was a Teenage Baby I still commented and said nice diaper because I was trying to be friendly.


Now I am no saint on Babyfur dot me I have pictures of my fursona aged 23 in a mature situation. (I apologise if I am ruining this 12+ post.)

I also must advice anyone that is under the age of 18 Not to post any pictures of yourself in a diaper please wait until your 18 or over! Even if you have done it before just stop… You can always show people the diapers you have got by taking a picture of one or even taking a picture of the packet.

If you must take a picture of you in a diaper just try and fit the diaper on a plushie. Belive me they is nothing cuter then a soft toy wearing a diaper.



Now adults I know it is hard and difficult but you must not comment on any Teenage Baby pictures. Even if it is tempting and they are wearing a really nice babyfur type diaper wich is supercute and for some odd reason has GPS on it you should not comment.

If you see one of these pictures the best thing you can do is report them and hopefully one of the mods will get it sorted out. The same goes if you suspect it might be a teenager in a diaper just report it and hopefully everything will be sorted out.



Now I know a lot of you will probably be having a agument with me saying “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG” , “WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!” the sad thing is for those people including me as much as you want to justify it you are doing something wrong. You are possably making a market for something more Illegle.

(I spoke to a furry at the furmeet about it and he said it is not illegle so I apologise for my over reacting!)

EDIT: But since I have talked to someone else that is not a furry they say yup that is Illegle so yeah those images are illegle.

Since this is a 12+ we are not going into that. What is in the past is in the past! Let us all start a new and report anything that we see unfit.

“JUST DO NOT LOOK AT THEM THEN!” Good luck if your on the stream time line. XD


I am not saying you should stay away from babyfur dot me all I am saying is just be careful and weary to both adults and teenagers. This is a magnificent site to go on and explore and find others with the same intrests as you.

This post has been to inform you of Babyfur me if you like to check out the website you can do so in your on free time. Thank you everyfur and everyone and every lilfur and babyfur ect for taking the time to read my post. I am sure they are a few mistakes but I am greatful for it.







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