Fantastic mr fox PG

Fantastic Mr Fox

This is a film about an anthropomorphic fox based on the same name as the book made by Roald Dahl and to keep it spoiler free I will only talk about the film as fair as the first heist.

So the story persists of 2 foxes deeply in love. I am guessing this is the 60’s by the way the female fox looks.

Unfortunately, they get trapped due to Mr Foxe’s curiosity. While trapped Mrs fox tells him she is pregnant first (You lucky little fox) and if they get out a life he has to promise her never to go hunting for chickens around the farm lands again.

Though we know that promise is not going to last because we know it and the promise gets broken later on in the film.

So the film beings a few years later and I got to say I like the story. It is simple basically foxes living everyday human-like lives having to deal with the struggles of everyday life but with that little bit of animal inside  

The concept is a little bit like Brian the dog from family guy. Acting like a regular citizen but still displaying some dog-like traits. The same can be said about Fantastic Mr Fox

The animation is cringed worthy if it was not foxes I do not think I would watch it. Well some of them are not foxes but that is not the point. I know the producers were trying to go for more of an artistic look but still, it doses not look right.



So after a while, Mr Fox decided you know what cus been a regular fox and living under a stump, borrow, underground?

So he decided to take out another mortgage because his newspaper job was not going quite as he expected. The Badger that is an accountant. (Don’t ask.) Warns Mr Fox that he is taking more money out and that he should not move into the neighbourhood because they are 3 psychotic farmers and this is where the plot kicks in.

Mr Fox is so interested he asks Badger to tell him more about the farmers so he did.

After a few words that sound like swear words but are not swear words we continue along.

The word is “Cus” and it is kind of like the films PG F word and you will hear it a lot in this film and more than likely mistaken it for an actual curse word.



Ash equals meg.png

The character Ash is the Meg of this film, and like Meg, he is the child of a farther and the Farther been Fantastic Mr Fox.

Ash wants to help his Farther but his Farther is too interested in his cousin that is more better than him in every way. Though do not feel too bad for this guy he dose get accepted in the end but for the rest of the film, he is Meg.

Kristofferson is another one of the characters and he can do just about anything. Which he is praised by Mr Fox but shunned by Ash!

I can kind of see myself in Kristofferson and oh my gosh he has blue eyes too.

They are Mrs Fox and has given up a life of crim and has become an artist in her spear time but once she finds out that Mr Fox has been lying, well she is not going to look so kindly on it. She is you’re stereo typical stay at home wife.

Related image

Jack, Not that much to say about him he was there when Mr Fox and his family moved in like Alen was there when Walden moved in.

He just seems to zone out in the film I think that is his trade mark. He will generally help Mr Fox with his hists.



Speaking of hist the fist heist and the only one we are going to talk about is Mr Fox first heist and to get to the chickens he puts some stuff into some berries and this is where Roald Dahl sick humour comes into play because Mr Fox spits the berries and the dogs eat them. Then the dogs eat the berries and keel over and die.


Some people (usual teachers) Do not like people talking or playing violent video games. But yeah a story about a prince cutting someone head off it perfectly OK! What the cus! That is still violence and do not use “Oh it is just a story” because we can play that card too “oh it is just a video game.”


So The Fantastic Mr Fox is an alright movie and if you like dark and cynical sense of humour then you will love this film. A must see for yourself furry type of film.







PG Old news about Leeds City Center market

Image result for Leeds market

The old new about Leeds City Center market


On the 20th of September 2017 they was a big scare in Leeds city market in Kirgate street.

Source Yorkshire Evening post

A suspicious package was found and people freaked out a bit and called the police and everyone was moved out of the Leeds City market as quickly as possible.

I personally think it was just some person that took off their bag and forgot that they have taken it off. It is a simple mistake.

Image result for black bag

Although because of all the incidents that everyone has been having with terrorist (and like it or not the whole country of Briton is on high terror alert!) Have made the country twitchy as before they would have thought ((Oh this Twonk has left his bag behind))

 Image result for Terrorist

I do not get why other people feel the need to blow themselves up. Look the whole wide world is rubbish and it is not just this country but everywhere in general. You are always going to find little bumps, humps and dint in society that you do not like. Live with it.

If you do not like something make a cartoon ridiculing them. They is no need for any sides too pick up a gun or anything that is used to course death.

Likewise it is very easy to see black and white in this situation. The Terrorist are seen as “evil” because of what they have done but to the terrorist we are “evil” with our reality show and getting drunk and eating ham.


Like I have said before it is a very touchy topic or even if I have not it is a touchy topic. Because of this situation the furry fandom that I go as far as to calling them my family, would be unable to get materials for both amateur fursuit makers to intermediate and professionals that live or visiting in Leeds.

Image result for fursuit foam

Image result for fursuit base

Image result for fursuit movable jaw

I do not own any of the images shown above



Image result for leeds kirkgate market

It is back open now but still it is a shame that, that had to happen. How many people furries and non furries was scared, confused and not knowing what was going on.

Think about what problems that a person wanting to do a fursuit or do a commission for someone and not been able to go into the market.

I overheard someone saying they was going to get rid of the outside market and put yet another car park. Oh boy… But they is no need to talk about the problem since it has been resolved, just remember to keep a eye on your stuff and do not leave it otherwise you will be spending a much more longer time in Leeds asking questions at the police station and nobody and no furry and pony wants that.

What is a babyfur?

babyfur angello lil foxcub

PG What is a babyfur?

To start off a babyfur is someone that likes baby anthropomorphic animals cubs for example with human like features. So basically the furry is a baby or at a toddler age in lamer terms speaking.

As Babyfurs go as people they are pretty much like any reagular furry. To start off they are part of the furry comunity as a whole. They maybe a small part of the furry fandom but big enough for the furry community to know who they are.

In the comunity you have artists and fursuiters as well as people who identify themselfs as a babyfur. The artist will do colourful pictures of themselfs or others as cute little anthropomorphic cubs with a nice diaper wrapped around them and big cute eyes.

I would love to show you some of these works but at las I did not ask permission. (Asking permission now)

So instead you have to make do with my art.

Angellothefox very very upset

Not every artist work will be a 100% perfect but it is their art and they is no right or wrong way in drawing something.

If you would like to see some examples go to furaffinity and type babyfur into the search engine. Or anyother website that has furry related things like DeviantART, Weasyle and many more.

Sometimes fursuiters may decide to dress up like a baby and post pictures of themselfs wearing cute like baby cloths and posting them on limited sites such as those that are dedicated to being a babyfur or twitter or furry websites.

Some furries may get a fursuit commission for there babyfur self.


Some babyfurs like to roleplay with others and get taken care of by someone else across the other line of the internet. The roleplay is usually safe so they is nothing to worry about.

But with every online thing if they are doing something that you do not feel conftable with, TSR.

  • Tell Tell them you do not feel conftable and be strait to the point.
  • Stop If it continues just stop chatting to them altogether.
  • Report or if you feel that stopping would not help. Report them.

That is just a regualer online as a whole, that can applay anything.

Roleplay for anyone who dose not know what it means is:

Creating a fake situation and acting that situation out. This could be any situation?

As far as babyfur situation go’s it could be that they are a orphen at a orphenage waiting to be adopted, or they are in a basket left at a doorstep and it is up to you to rais them, or they have been cursed by a evil wizzard that transformed them back to a 3-year-old. Those are just a few examples though.


In the babyfur roleplay they is someone that looks after the babyfur and someone who is the babyfur. In some sence it is kind of like playing parent. The person who is taking care of the babyfur is usually refered to as the caretaker.

They take on the role of the Mother, Farther, Nanny and even other reletives like big brother, big sister or another babyfur.

So why do babyfurs Roleplay?

The anwser can vairy from each babyfur, Some do it because they like the feeling of been nurtured and looked after. They feel safe and surcure when there carer is around.

Some do it as a relife from stress because as hard as it is the world is really demanding and everyone finds diffrent ways of reliving stress and for carers and babyfurs this can be a perfect chance to unwined. While meditation may work for some people others have diffrent ways of reliving stress.

For others it is a means of escapism and too escape lifes little problems even if it is just for a while and finally some do it because they get too wear a diaper and be a baby.

So they are muilituple reasons why people do babyfur roleplay.


If you are a babyfur and you want to roleplay or your looking for a new experience here are a few sites that you can visit.

Furaffinity It is more of a art shearing website but they do have Role Play in notes and many babyfur groups that you can join to make new friends.

DeviantART again it is still a art sharing website but they have roleplaying in Privert Messages and you can join a group and make friends.

Discord This is a server where you can chat to people in real time. You can even make your own server and invite others to join. This is perfect for group roleplays and quick roleplays with your friends.

4 adisc

How do babyfurs act?

Like everyone else. They are people just like yourself that go to school and collage. Some work for a living and most I bet have a steady job. If you got some babyfurs along with some regular people you would not be able to tell the diffrence?

In real life they could be Mothers, Farthers, Sisters, Brothers, Lawers, Office workers, College students, School students, Teachers, Wives, Husbands, Artist, Game developers, actors and more.

The very brave of babyfurs may have a diaper underneath there trouses or they might be wearing something relating to a babyfur.


Most times babyfurs keep to themselves and they usually do not tell anyone they are a babyfur because they think that the person my react nagitivly. This maybe one of the reasons that you do not see “What is a babyfur” videos on YouTube though the fandom is growing and furries have talked about it. Each searing their own opinions on the matter.

(Not my video)

Well I would have had more videos but this was the only PG one that I could find. The rest just used swear words and one had bad audio.


They seems to be more furries that are not babyfurs explaining what a babyfur is so babyfur fandom step up your game! 😉



The fandom is already contriversle as it is. Let me try and clear a few miss understandings up.

Not every babyfur wears a diaper in real life. Some just like the idea and some just like seeing there charecter in diapers.

Not every babyfur uses diapers and for those who do some of them have no choice. They are a lot of incontaint people in this fandom.

Not every babyfur has baby items like pacifiers, rattles, fisher prices toys and baby items.

If anyone likes babyfur art or likes drawing the art it dose not automatically make them a bad person. If they like roleplaying as a young cub then they is nothing wrong with that ether. If they like art with full diaper or wet diapers that dose not make them a bad person what so ever.

20161231_102617 (1)

Since it is already getting late I am going to wrap this up by shearing a few quotes from other annomouse babyfurs.

At first I thought BabyFur / DiaperFur was the Furry equivalent of AdultBaby / DiaperLover, but now I think it’s more subtle.

DiaperFurs are for sure Furry DiaperLovers, but…

Among Adult Babies you have those who are purely in it for the innocent regression and some who are purely in it for the kink, and some who are both at the same time or switch (full disclosure, that’s me). We don’t have common terms for this… I remember finding something proposed for the pure innocent child regression types.. but I forgot it already! >.<;;

On the furry spectrum however, because it’s all fantasy it’s easier to actually *be* a baby, a toddler or little fur who needs diapers, and that’s generally what I think of as BabyFurs. Furs who see themselves *as* actually, not play or pretend, little, in the same way they *are* Furry.

I’ve taken to having to say AdultCub, when I want to be clear about me/Ollie who is an adult, but likes to regress, and ageplay (sexually and not).

Of course it’s confusing and fuzzy and folks may have interests in all three, may not have clear pictures in their heads, may feel awkward about all or some…

Hang in there everybody! *hugs*



What it means to be a babyfur… hmm. If I were to give my answer it would be furries and ABDL overlapping, though certainly more AB as it’s more fitting to the name. That’s how I believe it started, and the meaning and connotations of words can change. I would say that now it could be broadened to anyone who enjoys human-like animals and the adorable side of youth, and maybe not even the cute part if you want to make it more realistic. Of course, I also think that a majority of people who would consider themselves as a babyfur are probably an adult baby, which is why I think that AdorableRabbit’s comment above about specifying Adult Cub is a great idea.
Really though, language is fluid, and it’s important to remember that. What one person thinks something should be might be different to another. For example, I think of babyfurs as a positive community that helps people feel happy, while others might think of it as weird and has something weird to do with kids. The ideas about the one word can be so different, and even have different meanings in some cases, but ultimately it’s not for any one individual to decide what people should think. The term Babyfur is something the community made up, it’s not a real word despite the meaning it has inside the community; even that depends on what your definition of a word is!

This probably doesn’t help with actually clarifying what it means to be a babyfur, or what it means in general, so maybe I can take a swing at it:

1. A member of the furry fandom who enjoys playing the role, or the portrait of younger characters, early teens and under. This typically involves applying an aspect of ageplay or a juvenile trait to a furry.
2. A younger anthropomorphic character, typically associated with the furry fandom.

This was an adaptation from the first definition I saw from and I think it’s still pretty true. That’s all I think I’ll say on the matter though, so good luck with your blog!


I was going to talk about another subject kind of relating to this one but since the polls are tied. I will use the random number generator.

Diaperfur 3

Care taker 6

littlefur or lilfur 7

Ageplay 1

The dice is rolling… It is a 2 which is close to 1 Ageplay is the second subject

The dice is rolling… It is a 12 which is close to a 7 littlefur is the third subject.

(Some of these next photos and pictures are not mine)

Ageplay can be a form of roleplay. This could be a roleplay where a adult furry charecter gets treated like a baby in a senario and having to undergo everything that a babyfur would usually exept the only diffrents it been a adult.

Ageplay can be a form of acting and can also link into the Adult Baby Diaper Lover fandom. The individual partends to be a certain age. Sometimes it could be a child or it could be a teenager or a toddler. Once the individual finds a age they want to act they will act out that age sometimes getting dressed up to add a effect and act thought that period of the session.

Those who are lucky enough will have trusted friends and partners to act all this out. Ether one of them taking care of the other or both pertainding to be babies.

Urban Dictionary defenition Age play is a word discribing adults over the age of 18 partending to be a age that they are not. Sometimes it could be infantilism meaning acting like a baby. They are loads of ages including but not limited too school ages.


I am pretty sure this is a adult, or a maniquins head on a adult body.


Age play since it is a for adults 18 and over can sometimes have a fetish feel to it since it is between usually 2 adults if they are lucky and more if they are really lucky.

Ageplay can sometimes mix into the babyfur fandom but not always. As before babyfurs are diverse.


Some Ageplayers may go as far as using there diapers for intended purposes. Some may need to wear diapers for medical reasons and ageplaying a younger age of a toddler or a baby makes them feel and cope a lot more better.

deleat after use 11

Though not everyone will partend to be a baby in age play.

One commom missunderstanding is everyone that dose age play wants to be a baby. Which is not the case. It maybe unerversally known but it is not the case. It is just another sterio type.

Moving on because it is getting late.





Angello back in diapers.png

This picture is not a litlefur but cute in it’s own right.


So a little fur or lilfur as they are known as are littler furries. Littler anthropomorphic animals at the age of ether a kid or toddler.

Some of these furry charecters may or may not be potty trained. According to Wikifur they can sometimes be teen ages as well.

Lilfur can sometimes be known as kidfurs. Depending on the individual fursona (Someones charecter [There made up persona]) may or may not have anything to with babyish diaper things.

Lilfurs artwork are usually cute and adorable with big eyes similer to babyfurs but without the diapers.

Some lilfurs like to roleplay while others may like to look at art. Some may like to watch some kids TV shows.

Some may like to do art themselfs. My appologise for not getting as much information as you may have liked.

mobile Angello

Before I go I will leave you with this picture 🙂



Take care everyone/everyfurry and do not let anyone tell you what you can and can not do that includes people, friends and family you do what you want as long AS IT IS IN REASON! 😀














PG My Thoughts on Mr Fox head


You may have seen some of these heads already floating around in the furry fandom. At first, I thought this was a fursuit head when I was with my family in T.K Maxx in Leeds. Then watching a furry I know do a video about it and finding out it is not a fursuit head. Non the less it still makes a good present.

So first off this is not a fursuit head. It is a movable jaw Halloween mask stroke Christmas present.

Just go onto YouTube and furries will tell you it is not a fursuit head and if they do they ether do not know that it is or (I can not beleave I am saying this) They are beginners or they are young furries.

This is not a bad thing entirely. So you have a cheap mask for the low low price of £38.99 on eBay here is the link

Or you can just wait until it comes nearer to Christmas then T.K Max or Target in America.

They are a few downsides to these heads though. For example, they all look the same. That is not an insult they all look alike. So if the head gets stolen or lost or conswaggled chances are nobody will be able to find it even with video or photographic footage.


Hay that is my head give it back. These heads are easy targets for someone to con you out of.

You all know my story. A person is at a furmeet says he does airbrush but he needs money to buy the tools. I ask him how much he says £30 I give him £30. By this stage, I have his furry name I gave him my address, postcode, email which is No WI2 at none of your beeswax road. My email was

I gave him £30 we established that he said he would get it done after Confuzzeled so he now has a free head.

£30 in his pocket to do whatever he wants. He might have bought some white fur to make paws and soled the head as a partial suit. Which I am sure a few people have done in the fandom. All the hard work has been done for you from China. All you have to do is make the paws lie and charge a little extra.


The other down side is some people partend like they have made this fursuit head. No, you have not made the head quit lying to the fandom. It would have been cool if you were able to make the head but you did not unless you was one of the workers in China.

If you get one of these heads for Christmas or a Birthday present or for Halloween or you outright buy the thing do not say you have made your very own fursuit head. Making your own fursuit head takes time, planning, patience, (crying,) money, finding out how you are going to do the head and finding the right glue that suits you.

(Usually, the fandom is split between hot glue gun glueing method and solvent-free glueing method)


Like I have pointed out before they are not fursuits. Fursuits are what you make or commission someone to make or at the very least someone makes it for you and even then people have debates on what is a fursuit and what is not a fursuit. For example, Angello looks more like a fox costume rather than a fursuit.


You may also find the head sold as a partial. All the seller needs if he/she/they way very lazy is a head, paw hands that they swiggled off someone else and a costume accessory tail and they have their own partial suit.


Honestly, you do not have to look far to find one of these tails they sell them in costume shops.


Are they any good things about this head. Oh yes, they are I just thought I would tell you about the bad things before telling you the good things. Fursuits are expensive and many people do not have the time, money or knowledge on making a fursuit and I know some of you are thinking ‘well if you can not afford a fursuit you should not get a fursuit’

I say to those people that is a bit harsh coming from a fandom that is “supposed to be accepting of others.” Like a lot of furries have said this gives you experience on what it is like to be in a fursuit head before you get or make your own fursuit head.


Furries can also airbrush or if they are any students that ether knows of any art students or can do airbrushing themselves at college then it is a really good project to get into. Or chat with other furries and build up a mutual relationship with them then ask if they can airbrush. Even if they do not know you have still built up a mutual relationship with them. They might even recommend someone they know for you.


I can airbrush that head for you but it is awfully expensive and I would need money to pay for the airbrushing colours

Do not trust that furry that you do not even know even if you get their name.



The movable jaw fox costume mask. Mr Fox is a good for inspiration on how to make your own movable jaw fursuit head. Likewise, you will not have any plastic with bolts lying around but you can use hair ties elastic to get a similar effect.

While simply enough it also shows you what the head would look like if you decided to go for a more realistic look. But since you might be a beginner you best just look inside the fursuit head and find out what you like and what you want to incorporate into it and what you do not want to incorporate on it.



At the end of the day, you decide what to do with it. Airbrush it and completely change it, Make some paws and buy a cheap tail to make it partial, design a bodysuit and some paw sleaves and a tail with feet paws or leave it for special occasions like youtube lets plays or whatever. Whatever you do the head is completely up to you and by owning one of these costumes it doses not make you any less of a furry then you already are.

15+ kiwi farm Angellothefox’s profile and my comments Part 2

Here is part 2 of my comments. This post is old so yes if you’re wondering kiwi farm is back up and running and ruining peoples reputation again. But you have to remember whatever platform you use whether they are multi-platforms like myself or just YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram whatever you use they are always someone that will put you on a cringe completion, Do a not so nice reaction video of you, make a meme out of you or put you on a site like this where people can mock you and laugh at you.

Yes, this is a bad thing because people are making fun of you. Furtism is a way of them insulting you saying you must have autism because of ya video’s or at suck. These people are out to make fun out of you. This sounded silly and my kin and their partner thinks this is not good but for me, it was a free advertisement. So what if they made up stuff. They put the links down for it so that means I get a lot more views on stuff even if it is for all the wrong reasons manly to mock me it does get myself out there after all.

Origanal posted on babyfur me on the 21st of January 2017. This post has pictures of Angello commenting on every comment. (well almost every comment since the site did go down) I did the same thing for 10 websites like F list but since you have to be 18 to read that they will be no links. Here is the original post





So even though the wreath of Kiwi farm looks at a end. I been on there 21.01.17 and saw nothing. Perhaps it will come back. Perhaps it is just a forgoten dream. Peraps someone will make something simler and it will say some more trash about us. Anyway.

Kiwi farm Angello comments 51

With that let us start the madness from the comments and me repling to them in this format.

Kiwi farm Angello comments 1

kiwi farm Angello comments 2

Kiwi farm Angello comments 3

The fact they spent so much time creatisising my first fursona they do not even mention my second Crystal Fire?

Kiwi farm Angello comments 4

Kiwi farm Angello comments 5

Kiwi farm Angello comments 6

Kiwi farm Angello comments 7

OH YEAH I sencer out some of the names to make the users annomanace and it keeps me out of trouble. Though I could have just kept the names in and everyone who knew them could go on a rage mob but I am a nice fox and I did not do that!

Kiwi farm Angello comments 8

Kiwi farm Angello comments 9

These are all videos

My top ten trolling games


Angellothefox dose not know what he is doing?

Places to meet furry and brony

Kiwi farm Angello comments 10

Kiwi farm Angello comments 11

Kiwi farm Angello comments 12

Kiwi farm Angello comments 13

I have too see if that user is still around? It would be nice to catch up in a little bit of role play!

Kiwi farm Angello comments 14

Then me defending this furry.

Kiwi farm Angello comments 15

Kiwi farm Angello comments 16

Kiwi farm Angello comments 17

Kiwi farm Angello comments 18

Kiwi farm Angello comments 19

It is true they are loads of adults at I met at do not act like adults. For example Larpers, Me, Bronies, furries and non furries.

Kiwi farm Angello comments 20

I have so many comments assuming ether I bought a very cheep fursuit or I made it very poorly!

Kiwi farm Angello comments 21

Kiwi farm Angello comments 22

Kiwi farm Angello comments 23

Kiwi farm Angello comments 24

Good comback

Kiwi farm Angello comments 25

Kiwi farm Angello comments 26

Too bad…

It’s down or broken or never coming back!

Kiwi farm Angello comments 27

Kiwi farm Angello comments 28

Kiwi farm Angello comment 29

Kiwi farm Angello comments 30

Kiwi farm Angello comments 31

Kiwi farm Angello comments 32

Kiwi farm Angello comments 33

Kiwi farm Angello comments 34

Kiwi farm Angello comments 35


Kiwi farm Angello comments 36

Kiwi farm Angello comments 37

Kiwi farm Angello comments 39

Kiwi farm Angello comments 40

But I did not anwer their question?

Ah finally I have anwserd the question!

Kiwi farm Angello comments 42

Kiwi farm Angello comment 43

Kiwi farm Angello comments 43

Kiwi farm Angello comments 44

Kiwi farm Angello comments 45

She dose not stay like that the two faced! –

Kiwi farm Angello comments 47

Kiwi farm Angello comment 48

Kiwi farm Angello comment 49

Kiwi farm Angello comments 50

And that was the last one on the list!

So will My profile at a person did will ever come back? I do not know but I am sure they will be screen grabs and people talking about it on places like youtube remanicing about the good old days when Kiwifarm was in busness. Though if it is gone forever this might be a good thing. It means that they may not have a profile on you!

That is is for me I am Angellothefox and this has been part 2 of kiwi farm Angellothefox’s profile and my comments.



kiwi farm Angellothefox’s profile and my comments Part 1 PG-13

I could not quite figer out what to age rate this weather a PG or a 13. I just went for a compermise of PG-13.


Origanal Posted on Babyfur Me January 15th 2017 This will not be edited in any way shape or form. Neather will part 2 




Hello it is me Angellothefox and I am writting about what I found when I went on to duckduckgo a search engine that dose not spy on you unlike google dose. What I found is this site called Kiwi Farm and a profile that someone put together.

Here is the link to the website so you can look at it for yourself Angellothefox/EthelredFlametail/Aleister-creepybabyfur,angryfurry”femboy”MSpaintartist

This will be seperated into 2 parts the first looking at what they have put and talking about it the second commenting on the comments and giving my reaction. So now they will know when this comes up and they may even start to chat about it!

OK let’s start.

The first thing is that really intrests me is they have got pictures and images from so for someone to get those they would have to be loged in and have a full account.

So let us begin.

So this looks like a thread the way it is laid out so this is what the dude gives about the information

Angello the Fox is a diaperfur artist who has done all sorts of media on the web. Many furries have difficulty containing their furtism, however there are a number of things that make Angello unique. One is that Angello seems to be easily triggered (actually believes video games actively troll him). His participation on message board, seen below, are a great example. Angello also likes to delineate between himself and his fursona in media. He has videos where he will place himself and his fursona (the GTA let’s play is an example of this). His artwork is also particularly lolworthy. He takes the approach of placing his characters in real-life pictures. And last, he appears to be going tranny. He refers to Angello as a “femboy” and is doing pictures of Angello “crossdressing”. Angello the Fox is a fun treat and a unique character among unique characters. Hope you enjoy!

“Angello the Fox is a diaperfur artist who has done all sorts of media on the web.”

Yup that is true!

“Many furries have difficulty containing their furtism, however there are a number of things that make Angello unique.”

Hang on furtism where is this going?

“One is that Angello seems to be easily triggered (actually believes video games actively troll him).”

Wait what! If they are on about my top 10 trolling games that was me without the fursuit and I much perfer to be called Ethelred Flametail or Aleister. 

“His participation on message board, seen below, are a great example.”

Oh yes I did ask people what games troll them on furaffinity. Crash Bash was one of them for me.

“Angello also likes to delineate between himself and his fursona in media. He has videos where he will place himself and his fursona (the GTA let’s play is an example of this).”

Again when I am out of fursuit and not on sites like FA, Weayle, Babyfur.Me, ADISC I am known as Aleister or YouTube terms EthelredFlametail.

“His artwork is also particularly lolworthy.”

Well at lest it isn’t bad some of my comics with me and Crystal Fire are a little Laugh Out Loude worthy.

“He takes the approach of placing his characters in real-life pictures.”

Yupe that happens but a lot of furs love it.

“And last, he appears to be going tranny.”

Someone has been looking at my FA pictures haven’t they. I like wearing make up and nail vanish. I even have some bows that I can attatch to my heir.

“He refers to Angello as a “femboy” and is doing pictures of Angello “crossdressing”.”

Me and Angello my fursona we are femboys in training. I and maybe my fursona is still learning how to be a femboy. After getting into quite a bit of trouble with the staff it seems to have cooled down now but you can still do it to students! 😉

“Angello the Fox is a fun treat and a unique character among unique characters. Hope you enjoy!”

Awww that is sweet thank you.

So what they have got right they have got the fact that I make loads of media correct that I play with my fursona correct. Though I am not called Angello 24/7. Other sites such as YouTube and Google+ for example I am known as Ethelred Flametail and how me and my fursona behaves are slightly diffrent from each other.

The next they look at my Youtube channel and links will be there to the videos he has fetured.


New yourk bagle RANT!

“Buttmad about bagels”

I think your thinking about Luigi.

“Pretending to move”

I am moving

Hay I did move I went from YouTube to the felly new Dalimotion they is even a link in the discription. I still use YouTube for odd video game reviews and other stuff like furries and furries and furry. But I have big plans for other videos they are just um small once. I know what I am talking about.

“Furry convention”

2016 Aleister furry Documentary

Furry documentary actually.

“On Omegle”

Angellothefox gose on Omegle TEXT

Haven’t you noticed that more people like to comment on my stuff outside of YouTube reather then on YouTube itself. This video got 2 comments.

“Him and his fursona playing GTA together”

Angellothefox and Ethelred play GTA gay tony


That one was a blast!

So now they have explored the nonsence of my YouTube channel next they will be looking at other media that I use.

Angello the Fox is the fursona of Alestair. He is a blue fox who will sometimes appear in videos along with Alestair. Angello the Fox discusses becoming a furry at length here”


The other link I am not going to give you because basically it is the same stuff but a screen capture of it. Your basically better off going to FA link for how I became Angellothefox. How I got into the furry fandom the part I do not descus I joined a group called forced diaperfurs and I had no idea what a furry was. I soon got dragged off of their by my lovely mother at did not like me joining a abdl group. And I drew cartoon kids diapered Seriously I did not know that was BAD! Now I draw babyfurs in diapers because I can get away with that and Adults furries tied up in diapers. Apart from that little bit at was left out that is how I became a furry.

Then he has a Spoiler fear where I am sitting down with my legs out with PJ’s on at Wales they is really nothing to be worried about with that picture they is far more worse out their and furries isn’t one of them.


Now we get onto this site

Again somefur must have got accsess to this because you have to sign up and log in and then you have to wait for a A OK!



This is just basically my profile what my likes are and what my dislikes are here are some hilights

  1. I am pretty scared of doing this what with my Kin/Family member.
  2. First I am a adult sorry for justifying it.
  3. Favorite games: GTA series, Saint row series, LittleBIGplannet (because who dose not like creating there own levels)
  4. Which country you live?: Earth.
    Seriously: Fine UK.
  5. What are you you know babyfur diaperfur?: ABDL actually I consider myself a Adult babyfur Which on this site is a Babyfur (ABDL) Since Diaperfurs (DL) just wear drapers according to this site.

Then they have another Spoiler button saying Spoiler waning diaper cartoon fox and it has all the pictures you can see on website. Though the first picture is of Angellothefox on a swing in a park. Admitedly it is a baby swing but where is my diaper! XD!

“Choose your own adventure”

They was not that much said on this but I do like doing choose your own adventures it means they is a endless of possablilities. Maybe we will see another thread on here next time consisting of my strange choose your own adventure stories.

“Becoming a Tranny(?)
In some recent pictures Angello the Fox has expressed that he is a femboy. This is evident in both actual pictures and drawings.”

Again Femboy in training! I think I managed to shock the user because he has a (?) as if they was not expecting to find me in drag.

They is another Spoiler button at will show you verious pictures of my cross dressing on FA the button is labled Spoiler Tranny pics.

Although one of the pictures fetured me in the Angello fursuit with men underpants on?

Again another out of place picture. LOL! I am surprised they did not put it under the babyfur section of mistake as a diaper XD!!!

Angello the Fox’s artwork is unique. It is done similar to the way that @jenffer a jay will do her art. The characters are outside in the physical world.”

I do not know who he is but I may have to check him out he maybe another diaperfur?

Under the Spoiler Examples of his work they have four of my pictures from FA all feture cartoon furries IRL. It is a little odd that they would also show yet another picture out of place which is the now closed free art commission YCH!

“Furries and Bronies Blog
Angello the Fox is not only a furry, but he is also a brony. He even has a blogspot that goes by the name “Furries and Bronies”.

I do not know why they put my website down it contains little to yet no abdl content.

Then they is a spoiler picture at says Spoiler I feel bad for his friend.

When clicking you will see a picture of one of my Tshirt designs did this person read my tittle?

But it is not over yet he made a follow up thread which is attactech to this one.

So maybe he ran out of things on his thread. so lets dive into this deeper.


“Bizarre sperging about talking to underage furries.”

And the other link I am not showing you since it is the same yet again but on that screen shot website.

They also has two spoilers the one is just hallerious that the fact at they probably copied and pasted it without reading the rest of the artical and the other is this the artical that I posted under Spoiler BLOCK THEM IMMEDIANTLY!

This artical just go’s on about what to do if a under aged person says they love you and visa versa.

I think it is very helpfull for those adults/kids furries/bronies/both to know what to do in those situations.

Block them Immediantly might be a hit at me or it might be making fun of the fact that I did in capical letters put IMMINENTLY BLOCK THEM WITHOUT HESITATION! and I do say block them alot. Mmm you decide.

“Being a furry in the ghetto” 



This is a been a furry in a politiclly incorrect neighbourhood/council estate.

This talks about how to keep yourself safe in a politically incorrect neighbourhood/council estate. Most of them the are probably stuff you already know but at least it gives you information and informs you on how to behave and how not to behave in a politically neighbourhood/council estate. They do mention babyfurs/diaperfur on no.9

Then in Spoilers they are some art at has no regards to the topic at was discussed on the furries and bronies website.


Next they check out some sweet furaffinity action XD So yes they found my FA page and some journals. They will even be exploring some Furaffinity fourm stuff so lets get giggy with it! haha!



So the all the spolirs uncluding Spoiler 50 Questions Spoiler Archives of artwork and Spoiler Journal Archives. So finally they seen enough and see what I had on my forms.

“FurAffinity Forums”
“First post”

Even though I can not see the post the picture is still there on the profile kiwi farm website.


“Angello the Fox has also been active on the FurAffinity forums. His OPs are great, but the mods tend to lock his threads. He started one on why it is uncool for hackers to hack furries and another asking if he should join a babyfur website.”…rs-haters-anti-furries-so-cut-it-out.1531278/


I could see why the Mods would lock the thread at says why it is uncool for hackers to hack furries or Furaffinity since it was the case. Because after that event you would not want to give people other ideas and have another hacking crisus on your hands. So people can not replie. Still do not hack furaffinity it is not cool!

They is 2 Spoiler buttons which are 

Spoiler Just salt my s**t up which is the time FA got hacked and we all had to change our passwords on the site. Although better security did happen. But I unintentianally gave the haters or trolls what they wanted. It is like when you play GTA it is always a treat to listen to the news and hear what you have done in the mission on the radio and in mission TV cutsean.

Spoiler Should I join a babyfur site? Which was me questioning weather I should go on a babyfur or a abdl site since I wanted to talk and make posts on those sites and not feel left out. The link for that can be located here sorry I forgot about that

“Has been literally trolled by video games”


They do just ask some of the comment’s

“Dumb enough to format his HDD; Dumb enough to not know how to format his HDD”


That was a sad day for me. 😥 But luckly I got (most) of it back and it did not cost too much! This could happen to anyone. not just me.

“He also writes a dissertation arguing on whether or not to get a pacifier.”


Too late already got one infact I got 5. Check out Angello’s Paci collection.

“The Magic of RP!! (The mods shut this down in a hurry)”

It is really not good when you focus on how quick a moderator can shut down a post.

“Another RP thread the mods cut down”


Er.. They are not RP they are physical games at was made on sploder.

“Other Links” – “Basically same art as FurAffinity” – “Similar to FurAffinity”

Yeah so basically I do have more then 1 place to put my art – “Comments on s**t” – “Google+”

I do comment on a lot of smith on Imgur and I do not act like my fursona what so ever but I do try (Sometimes)

And google+ is Google+ sometimes I muster up the carege to post a abdl/babyfur/diaperfur topic. Othertimes it is not but it only happens sometimes which is great and dose not stear away from the youtube videos I perduce.

So they have two Spoilers

Spoiler Weaysle Archives

Basically that screen capturing website and.

Spoiler Angellothefox with a Autism flag. And that was enough to doom a community of people thinking that all furries was autistic.


So what do I think of this is it is OK. HAY it could have been a whole lot worse I could have had a ten year old on YouTube screeming into a microphone.

Or the post could have had a bunch of swear words and die die die at every other sentence at was not a swear word.

So yeah! Stick with me for the second part which *Sigh* I will have to do it at the weekend now!

12+ Be wary of [Please read]


Now before you all go on a rant with me let me explain the good points. Babyfur dote me is a wonderful website (most of the time 😉 ) where babyfurs can go and feel welcome. They also have diaperfurs and kidfurs but your new to all of this an’t you.

So according to the website a Babyfur is a member of the furry fandom who enjoys role playing as a younger charecter. To add to that babyfurs can be furries who enjoy drawing their fursona as a younger charecter or even adding themselfs in stories.

Others might ask for commissions from diffrent artist to draw there fursona because not everyone is confident in drawing their fursona.


What is role play. Role play is a fake situation and is usually all text based where you and the other charecter may or may not be in. It is usually played by another person online. The situation can be appropriote or inapropriate. Though I advice anyone under the age of 18 to keep it appropriote. Sometimes when the person is discribing a place or a action

They use * at a begining of a sentence of discribing a action or a place and at the end of a sentence. * Here are two examples *It was a warm sunny day you could feel the heat of the nice warm sun as you lied on the grass drinking some nice refreshing leminage*

*Suddenly Angellothefox came along and decided to wip out a cheese cake he had in his bag. He slowly broke it with his bare hands as crumbs crumbled on the floor.* Speach is usually quotes or sometimes they are no quotes at all.


What is a furry wow you are really on the wrong site an’t you! Well a furry is someone who likes anthropomorphic animals. Still confuzzled? Alright they are a person who likes cartoon like animals like bugs bunny, the road runner, Robin hood from Disneys movies and they do not have to stand on two legs for example the Lion king and 101




Now I am going to stop now because we will be here all day and besides the infomation is on babyfur me and I am sure some of you are already babyfurs and diaperfurs and furries yourself.


Coming back to the website it has some wonderful art and diverse content so when you are looking at some sweet cute babyfur art they are diffrent styles some are traditional I mean drawn by pencil and crayon art and some of them are digitaly drawn. Some have uniquness been drawn in MS paint or windows paint.

Angellothefox very very upset

Diverse content made with MS paint —–^


I appologise for the other pictures since I did not draw them I do not own them so all I can do is explain them to you.

Not only do they have cute pictures of there fursona but they also have diffrent stuff. They have role playing and forums. In the forum section it is well a forum they are lots of diffrent things. A place where you can introduce yourself if you new and welcome those who are new so if you do not have anything to say go to the introduce yourself thread.

Genral discussions about the website


The site is a good place to talk to others that like babyfur stuff as well.

They is a lot to do. If you like something else as well as babyfurs/diaperfurs that dose not fit the site you can join a group. They are so many groups you can join babyfur gaming disability furs 101 furries (I still do not know what that is) you can also make your own group and have other people joining your group.

You can shear pictures of your nice artwork or shear something kiddy you might have. Like a babies toy that you bought. I apologise for going into second person.


Speaking about pictures users can create their own albums of there artwork, Any cute plushies they have and themselfs having a great day out. The best part is that the user has to sign up to babyfur me to join so it is also descreet.

(Well that is until someone comes along and posts every little thing you have been doing on sites like kiwi farm. But hopefully that should not happen to you)

another kiwi farm


The babyfur community is bigger then expected and the furry comunity should think twice before insuilting a part of their own fandom. Just because everyone is treating you like rubish outside the furry fandom dose not mean you need to shut and argu with babyfurs that are calmly sucking their pacifier!


But with all this good stuff they is a few downfalls and we are not talking about the fact that nether the chat or video shearing system works on babyfur dot me.

As you are well aware of if you have been to this site they are Adult Baby’s and Diaper Lovers and Littles.

Let me educate you for those who do not know what a Adult Baby and a Diaper Lover is. A Adult Baby is a adult who dresses as a baby and they could act like a baby and talk like a baby and do what ever baby’s do all day. It is a miss conseption that all Adult Babies has a specially decigned nursery.


A Diaper Lover is just someone who likes the idea of wearing diapers or nappies if your from the United Kingdom. This maybe just wrapping a very long towel around their legs or physically buying diapers and wearing them. It is a miss conseption that all Diaper Lovers use their diapers which some of them can’t or do not feel it is appropriate.

So some Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers are Brave enough to post themselfs wearing a diaper. Some post themselfs wearing a diaper between there legs. Others post themselfs with there face in the shot.

That been said they are also Teenage Babies in the fandom as well. As stated on babyfur me Rules of registration

“BabyFur.ME “the cub social network” is a social networking community built specifically for the babyfurs community but is open to age 14+ members of the furry fandom that identify as Adult Babies(AB) and/or Diaper Lovers(DL), collectively referredto as the ABDL community, inside and outside of the furry community. The

community is also open to furs that identify as caretakers of, or are supportive of the babyfur community. BabyFur.ME registration is limited to these groups and does not allow for access to the non-furries. User submitted content is also not accessible without a member registration.”


Which is alright. It is alright to have Teenage Babies on babyfur dot me but some of these Teenage Babies post pictures of themselfs in a diaper.


Some of these pictures are pictures of Teenagers wearing the diapers while others are them showing the diaper by them pulling it down.


And others are them where you can see their faces. I think one picture they was a person that looked teenage age without any clothes on sat down in a chair wearing a diaper.

You can sometimes see these pictures on Albums and the stream time line. Sure the furries might think it is good combining Adult Baby and Teenage Baby and Diaper Lover together just like they did with LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender. Queer) community but that should not be the case.


In my personal opinion I do not really think that Teenage Babies should be anywhere near Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers. Sure Teenagers can be Diaper Lovers but they should not post any pictures of themselfs in diapers otherwise the people viewing. Adult Babies are going to get into trouble.

They is nothing wrong with Teenage Babies been involved in the Adult Baby and the Diaper Lover community but please do not post pictures of yourself in a diaper until your 18 years or older otherwise people might get in trouble for the P word.

Yes they maybe nothing wrong with it because you like the diaper that they are wearing and not the wearer but that might not stop other people from taking those pictures and putting it on lol sites like kiwi farm and if that can happen think about who else can do that. It might not be wrong to view someone wearing a diaper

or even commenting saying the diapers good or maybe even telling a few jokes about it. Yeah… I do not know about that one. And although they is nothing wrong and (people might think they is something wrong) It still might not be right. It is alright for other teenagers to view those pictures but it is aquard for adults.



I will tell you a story. You see I used to comment on Teenage Babies wearing a diaper but then again I use to comment on everything. I was trying to be friendly. Then came the day when someone on a Adult Baby foum warned me about babyfur me. They said it was full of teenagers and adults commenting on teenagers in diapers.

Natually I just ignored the comment but I felt a little bit un settled and even though on one picture I knew they was a Teenage Baby I still commented and said nice diaper because I was trying to be friendly.


Now I am no saint on Babyfur dot me I have pictures of my fursona aged 23 in a mature situation. (I apologise if I am ruining this 12+ post.)

I also must advice anyone that is under the age of 18 Not to post any pictures of yourself in a diaper please wait until your 18 or over! Even if you have done it before just stop… You can always show people the diapers you have got by taking a picture of one or even taking a picture of the packet.

If you must take a picture of you in a diaper just try and fit the diaper on a plushie. Belive me they is nothing cuter then a soft toy wearing a diaper.



Now adults I know it is hard and difficult but you must not comment on any Teenage Baby pictures. Even if it is tempting and they are wearing a really nice babyfur type diaper wich is supercute and for some odd reason has GPS on it you should not comment.

If you see one of these pictures the best thing you can do is report them and hopefully one of the mods will get it sorted out. The same goes if you suspect it might be a teenager in a diaper just report it and hopefully everything will be sorted out.



Now I know a lot of you will probably be having a agument with me saying “THERE IS NOTHING WRONG” , “WE ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!” the sad thing is for those people including me as much as you want to justify it you are doing something wrong. You are possably making a market for something more Illegle.

(I spoke to a furry at the furmeet about it and he said it is not illegle so I apologise for my over reacting!)

EDIT: But since I have talked to someone else that is not a furry they say yup that is Illegle so yeah those images are illegle.

Since this is a 12+ we are not going into that. What is in the past is in the past! Let us all start a new and report anything that we see unfit.

“JUST DO NOT LOOK AT THEM THEN!” Good luck if your on the stream time line. XD


I am not saying you should stay away from babyfur dot me all I am saying is just be careful and weary to both adults and teenagers. This is a magnificent site to go on and explore and find others with the same intrests as you.

This post has been to inform you of Babyfur me if you like to check out the website you can do so in your on free time. Thank you everyfur and everyone and every lilfur and babyfur ect for taking the time to read my post. I am sure they are a few mistakes but I am greatful for it.






15 Gex Deep covered Gecko

I have not made a post on my website for a while so I thought I might as well do one.

So the furry fandom is a big and diverse place and with a lot of games with anthropomophic animals to offer in video games. But when it comes furry heros like sonic and stair fox.

But they are also many scalies in our furry community as well and fetheries.

The scaily games would be games like scailer and skyrim where you are the hero.

(Well if you choose to be for Skyrim.)

Along with this boring introduction and build up they are several inappropriate games out there as well.

Some of you may not agree but when it is an anthropomorphic animal and it is an inappropriate game it has a lot more charm too it rather then it been humans all the time.


Even though it dose have characters like Itchy and scratchy where at one point you get too meet them in Grant Theft Scratchy and control a hole armey of dogs that have been painted too look all alike???

It also lets you hit other furry pedestrians if the player feels the need to do so. Nice job the Simpsons.

One of our colprets of inappropriate games has got to be the well known furry game Conkers bad fur day.


Released in 5th of March 2001 or that is what IGN are saying.

The let you play as a squirrel who’s girlfriend dose not treat him right.

But then again Conker was out drinking. Sooo…

conker was a mature rating game and in the game it had creatures, objects, people swearing at each other and at conker




I wish Conkers could apear on other platformers like the gamecube or the PlayStation 3 in all it’s cartoon Nintendo 64 glory. But unfortunately we had to wait until june 2015 for it to come out on X-box called live and reloaded


And it had a few deleted scenes re added to the game but has a few flaws for example every curse word is now censored


Just get Conker’s bad fur day for the N64 or at least play an emulator for it. What ever you do just play the *!@.>#- game!

I wish the game was released on PlayStation 3 or gamecube since it is a Nintendo thing. But sadly I do not think it is going to be the case.


So this is where this game comes into play and even though it was made years before conkers bad fur day they is still a charm to it and hay it even looks like it a N64 tittle

(Probably because it was)

And do not worry about the other games your not missing much.

SPOILER ALERT Head to B to skip spoilers



A Gex is coping of the missery of his feathers death and is binge watching TV until he gets grabbed and taken into the media dimension. There he must make his way out while making loads of one liners and defeat the boss.


Gex is back where he started and is looking a lot more older and for the pal version he sounds a lot more older too. He is at home watching TV (yet again) This time his apartment looks different. The same boss is in this one but now the government now and want gex to stop him again by sending him to the media dimension to battle the boss and pull one liners on the way and be back in time for tea.


Now on to this game and if you have seen the box art for this game you know what your getting into.

The voice actor is the person who played the cat in Red Dwarf.


Yes a furry playing a scaly

So this is the tittle screen and I happen to like what they did with it.

It kind of reminds me of the open world part of Conkers Bad Fur Day after you recovered from your hang over and it is morning.

Conkers bad furday buitiful greenery

The scene looks so kid friendly something that you might see from mario 64 or banjo kazoo. It is the sort of tittle screen that your not worried about your parents walking into. They is even little spiky things with eyes jumping up and down. OK so maybe Conkers got there idea from Gex.

The cut scene plays out of gex eating a doughnut and watching TV AGAIN! This time he has his own secret agent head quarters nice going Gex.

The pal version gex is voiced by the cat from Red Dwarf The US version has the same guy voice acting from the 2 other gex games.

A news bulletin comes on about the disappearance of a woman we never get to see in any of the Gex games called Agent extra. She manages to contact Gex from the media dimantion and explains Rex is back and is using her to get to him.

Then Gex lets out a hideous innuendo before he is prompted to do the same old thing all over again

The game is good but Gex’s one liners can get a bit annoying after a while.

The game has some hidden messages and some are in plain sight.

They are quite a chuckle. They are nothing overly exiting about them but if you take the time too look at the signs then they do have some humour to them.

They is also a moose in the cluless room at sounds like he is saying “vote UKIP”

Also note that both N64 and the ps2 are both slightly different games. Yes they are all Gex but the N64 has slightly altered platforms than the ps2 and a few stuff might be cut.

(Especially the final ending they have a different version of that all together)

Some of the one liners can be funny and it is a nice platformer mixed in with other little stuff.


Oh yeah and agent extra likes to phone in and see how you are doing along with the missions before gex says something rude and inappropriate

The themes of the different worlds are well done and sometimes it likes to though something new in the mix.

It also has a lot of questionable content.

gex micro

Gex little red riding hood.


At the end of the day it is a 11+ game with some great platforming elements and a few hidden stages and bonus where you get to play in a tank.

The games references might be out dated but it is still a good play though and is the only Gex game that is not rare (unlike the first 2)


Furries and furry refrences in Films and TV shows PG

spoilers Alert

They have been a lot of furry stuff in todays world and media and that is what we are talking about today. And hay we might even talk about a video game or too. So we will start with the first Cartoon that ever started it all. Steam Bout Willy.

(OK so they may have been other cartoons at would feature anthropomorphic animals in as well)


So the cartoon did really well. So this was a black and white anthropomorphic mouse. Back then though the term furry did not exist yet. Sure we had people who might have dressed up in animal costumes or made themselves one but it would probably be genrally kept a secret due to the fact that people might have found it weird.

OK so I might be reading these in random order but please stay with me!


Then in the 70’s along came our hero how most of the furries (Not most some) joined the furry community. I do not know weather fursuits existed then but I bet they was fans of cartoon animals once this came out. It even refrence a fursuit or more then likely a feathery suit.


In one scean of the movie we see him dressing up as a stork on stilts as a disguise. He wears a peak with gloves and feathers sticking out with a shirt that he probably stole from a scare crow. The idea of dressing up as something else some other creature is prolonged in the furry fandom. Why dress up as a Stork. Couldn’t robin just has dressed up as something else. Though I do not think this is intentional but it dose have a furry reference inside it.


They also have some questionable content like not too far in the movie our heros cross dressing as fortune tellers.


The thing that got a small percentage of you exited.


What else came out in the 70’s was a mature program called Friz the cat and too keep it PG I selected this image. Now Fritz is a adult cartoon at probably put fans of cartoon animals in a bad light if they saw it today. It has racism as well as some mature content in. No infect it has a lot of mature content in as it says they are not R rated for nothing.


Another show featuring anthro animals at showed up in my search when I searched 80’s furry cartoons was count duckula. A british comady that had a creepy narator and Ego that talked about chopping peoples lims off and legs off. Certainly a TV show to watch if you have a dark sence of humor “If I win you will let them go” “I will let bits of them go” LOL!!! Classic. You should be able to find this on Youtube.


Another film you might be fermiliar with that was relised in the 90’s is the Lion king. Since the furry fandom was discovered in the 80’s I can no finally say furries or furry instead of fans of cartoon animals so here we go.

I am sure that the lion king persuaded with its cute charm millions of furs well some of them at least to discover the furry fandom and this is the time when we all have internet. The cute little cubs that probably created cub art and the four legged lions that probably made it popular to have feral (furries on all four’s art) Possible.

They also have many off shoots like Lion king episodes and Tumon and Pumba episodes.

In the episode version they is a refrence to diaperfurs.


Since we are on the topic back in the 40’s Tom and Jerry released baby puss that could have well hinted at diaperfurs or babyfurs. But back then such a word did not exist so fans of cartoon animals in diapers. Man that is a mouth full.


If we fast forward to 2001 we see the baby looney tunes and yeah for children of course but one of the sceance inside the cartoon Daffy says “can you change my tires?” or something Lola replied “No!” Daffy replies “Not even my diaper?”

And fast forward to quite recently and you will get Ice Age collision course and they is a scean in that movie that I got to say probably hints or at least refrences babyfur.

But let’s get back to the post


Animaniacs was another cartoon and my personal favorite. It had anthropomorphic rats or mice. It had anthropomorphic cats at was famous and a anthropomorphic squirrels. As well as some questionable content. The kind of stuff you would see in who framed Rodger Rabbit.

The show features Wacko, Yakko and Dot and even though the kids today (mainly the other college students) do not know what I am talking about it is a gold cartoon. Not only dose it feature the 3 wanna kids but it also features Pinkie and the Brain. Elmyra and likes hugging and squeezing and calling you gouge. Just watch a few videos for yourself I am sure you can see them all on YouTube and you will see just how funny or silly it can get

You can even see different seen’s from the diffrent cartoons sometimes over lapping so if Wacko, Yakko and Dot is getting chased by a police men in one of the cartoon’s. You better believe it you might see it again!


Here is a shout out to Peter pan back in the 50’s and this is what could have started fursuits off. Since we already have something that could be refrencing fursuits I could say this is refrencing Kigurumi costumes like this


Keep in mind this was before the 80’s

This could be just some onesies or the children really wanted to be animals and Peter said “OK sure why not” and made them some or got the chefs daughter to make them, Magic? I do not know but anyway they have them and the kids could believe that they are now animals. You can get Peter pan on video or since it is old enough you might be able to watch it on the internet like the Muppet’s Christmas carrel.

Lilo and Stitch

OK so it is a Alien pertaining to be a dog as a form of disguise. Well at least is smarter then Jumba. (Man Disney sure like there names to end in ba. Simba now Jumba.)

This film unlike any other Disney film for the most part it is down to earth. Yes it is a U but it is not one of toughs Disney movies where everything can be solved with a sing song and a dance. It has a scocial worker and a reason why you never leave your kids alone in the house

In this seemly friendly film they is a bit where Stitch is fighting Gantu and having said all those horrible things and tries and squashes Stitch, Stitch grabs his fist and says this line “and so cute and fluffy” as he throws Gantu out of the space ship. This may be a furry reference to “It’s so fluffy”


You may also remember this gem. Released in 2006 Hoodwink took the approach of branching out and connecting story line approach to things.

But it is one scene in genral when they are trying to find out who the goody bandit is and red has walked off since her Grandmar simply lied to her. Grizzaly shouted at the wolf “MAYBE HE IS NOT A WOLF AT ALL” Which the wolf replied “You got me I am a poodle I just have not been to the barber shop in a while” Now the wolf could be pulling out wise cracks since that can happen in the movie or he could actually be telling the truth


Or this could be a refrence towards the furry fandom since we have a lot of creatures that look like they are something that they are not. From foxes that look like bunnies from peoples fursuits looking like something else and once he says that he dose start too look like a poodle.

So if he is a poodle dose that mean the whole wolf act like when he said to that sheep “Your looking pretty tasty” all a wolf act. Keep in mind this is the only anthropomorphic character out of the four main characters of this film. I mean they is Twitchy but he is more of a side kick. The furry fandom already existed and is on the internet so this maybe a little nod for them.

wild things

Wild thing is a Sky 1 entertainment program and the whole show just reeks of fursuits. This is a TV show where players dress up in animal costumes to compeat for a money prize. Simple right WRONG!

The people inside the suits can not see a thing which means the team member that is not in the suit has to guide them through a obstetrical course and various challenges.

This could include helping their partner that is trapped somewhere. Or solving puzzles.

The final part is where they are all with big nets and the one who has one the most points has the suit case full of money. What they have to do is find the way to where their parnter is and ring the shed while the partner gives them instructions via the camras on each wild things noise. The camrar will only stay on for a few minutes then it is lights out when this happens the other contestants cameras are switched on but theirs will only last a few minutes.

The aim of the opoinents are to put a net over the person in the suit that has all the loot! They are relaying on their partner to guide them to the person in the costume with the suitcase of money. If they capture them then they get the money simple as.

It is on sky one and was released back in 2015

Before I go on here are some other furry Films and shows that sadly did not make it


I was going to talk about Sonic the hedgehog and his strange episodes that probably built the off shoots from the furry fandom that we see today


Pocket dragons was a maybe but it did have some refrences to the furry fandom. They always seem to like cookies and that was the main theme of the show. You know who else likes cookies the furry fandom. (well not all)

and anything else that I missed


Zootopia is a film made by Walt Disney to revive those people who was fans of Robbin hood and be thankful you got this show kids because Disney was thinking about going much more darker with Zootopia so just count yourself lucky you got a sweet Innocent film and nothing dark unlike the wizard of oz 2.

And dispite me seeing some news saying that Judy Hops said that she is not a furry she is a bunny on the news I am pretty sure the creators had something in mind.

Yes it has your off shoots like Robin Hood


like that


and yeah…


Micro and Macro


Refrences to babyfur and in this case maybe diaperfurs since though out the intiere scene Finnick is sucking on a pacifier and later when Nick and Finnick finish the job nick says “Way to work that diaper!”

Cringe worthy for some furries. Delightful treat for others.

It so fluffy

is a furry reference and I am pretty sure Disney knew there secondy audience was going to be furries. This is the most funniest scene in the film.

and a dark part from the film

And a reather dark part from the film muzzling a fox cub. Aaaaaannnnnnnnddddd I think I will end it their for Zootopia.

So is they any games that feature any slimier stuff well.

Saints row 2/3/4 but I am leaving them out since they get talked about none stop about there mascot costumes or as the fans know them as “fursuits”


Bullworth Acadamy or Canis Canem edit or scholarship edition.

How ever you say it it is rockstars bully game.

One mission requairs you to get the mascot costume and until you play the other mission you will not be aloud to talk. The mascot costume also has some disadvantages like not been able to use a sling shot or those really nice guns. You know the once the spud gun and the rocket launcher.

You are aloud to dance and still cause mischive.


Crash of the titans and crash mind over mutant is a fun game where you can unlock mutant skins or costumes

This grants you the ability to easily jack the mutant that your dressed up as.


Then they is always Star fox where you play as a fox take you pick between modden once or the classic once.

And that is it and thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I know it was not too much but I did not really want it too go on for too long and I wanted to Update it as well. I wanted too mostly keep it so we was going forward in time with the furry media not back often but I have realised that I may have missed some furry content out and for that I apologise.

But still I hope you liked the post and maybe hopefully I may get some more done in the future.

Furry and Brony club is becoming a laughing stock! PG

This post is rated PG!

Furry and Brony club is becoming a laughing stock. 


Before we go any feather I might have to explain a few things.

  1. A furry is a anthropomorphic animal with human like features like bugs bunny.
  2. Furries are those who identify themselves as fan’s of anthropomorphic animals like bugs bunny. They are loads of diffrent furries but I am just keeping it short for the sake of the news artical.
  3. My Little Pony is a program made by hasbro primly targeted at little girls.
  4. Brony/Bronies are adult fans of the show my little pony or secondery audience if you will to the show.
  5. Brony and Furry Club is a club for students who are ether a furry or a brony and we do exept otherkin to come along and go out somewhere like the arcade, drinking and having some lunch. Unofficially we meet inside or outside Technology campus on Tuesday at lunchtime. I wait and time anyone who wants too come for usually 10 minutes. Who ever shows up we go out and if nobody shows up then I go get my food because I am hungry!

Nobody has been showing up and unlike Parklane at I used to go to when I had the time after Technology! Nobody comes.

I stand inside near the reception with the sign that you see in the picture saying Brony and furry club yet nobody comes. A couple just look at it then leave ether laughing or with a smirk on their face.

One of the students at my class at always gets my club wrong calling it a furby club. Their name will remain anonymous due to privacy and the fact that I can not remember their name. Said they had seen me down at the reception near the well fair part and the room that helps students out facing the receptionist and they have seen Students just walking past laughing and even recording it for their own amusement. I knew some of them laughed at me but I did not know so much and I certainly did not know they was recording me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I do not mind but the fact that they are doing it to make fun of my club or making fun of furries and bronies alike or a little bit of both. I do wear ears and tail.

Now it is all fitting together. No wonder the receptionist people and other members of staff was trying to see what I was holding. They might have thought why are all of the students laughing and look to see what all the laughing was about. To the students I might as well be holding a sighn saying Imz a dunce! Talking with a member of staff because the anonymous student was in the aisle Z where a member of staff is usually their to keep a eye on everything.

They said it was a form of bulling if they are laughing at your group. I thought it gets me out their but he was saying that recording me like that was a form of bulling and in a way it is because it ridicules me and my club and potentially stops furries that might have been intrested in going to my club.

This may have linked in with the Kiwi farm account that someone made from miss information but I doubt that since they would have mentioned that I ran a Brony and Furry Club at college. But who knows it may just be?


OK now for the final part. The members of staff take bulling very seriously and I mean SEARIOUSLY! Just telling them about the story of the girls in the libery was enough to want them to do something while I was saying it is fin it is fin! Us furries get bullied on a daily basis. The members of staff are raring to go and if they is a bulling problem they want to STOP IT! They are like Railed up bulls in a pen when it comes to bulling. So please try not to bully any furry or brony or my club or my self. These staff want me to report such and if this keeps happening I will have to let them out of the bull pen then I will feel guilty.

So please do not bully my Club thankyou!